Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Drinking Coffee

Yesterday I heard that drinking coffee will increase your brain power and make you more alert. How many cups do you have to drink a day? They said 3-4. I'm on my second cup now and my brain is coming alive. I will have two more before the day ends.

We are finally through Blackberry Winter and ready for summer. The blackberries are in full bloom. There will be plenty this year. We have a lot in the freezer from last year.

Last week the Genesis Finalist were announced and my name was not on it. Oh, well, I will keep going. Someone, sometime will like my book. It is completely edited now and I will start this afternoon doing the corrections. I know my weak points and I need to improve on some things with emotion and descriptions. That shows a lazy writer.

After two weeks in Scotland and coming home to cool weather, I am looking forward to warmer temperatures. The sun is shining beautifully today and it is supposed to be warmer. The rest of the week is supposed to be warm.

My house wants a good cleaning before anyone else comes to visit. I'm ready to tackle it, so I must get busy. Have a wonderful day.

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