Monday, May 4, 2009

Ourl Last Day in Scotland

Today is the last whole day in Scotland. It will be spent packing and going to brunch with a couple. We have made so many friends since we have been here. The people are wonderful and friendly.

No pictures will be posted today. When we get back in Nashville, I will download them. We did go to Loch Lomond Friday and to the Old Village of East Kilbride on Saturday. The Old Village was so beautiful. I have found so many interesting things to write about.

Things I have learned: 
Don't leave your coat at a B&B. It is cold here, even in April/May. Not freezing, but cooler than I am used to this time of year.
The meat pies are good. I have not eaten anything I did not like. Caramel Cakes are my favorite. It is a caramel pudding (very rich) in a tart shell. My favorite food I have eaten here.
Tablets are pure sugar. Another caramel product, but so good.
People are very considerate. They even talk slower to us so we can understand what they are saying. 
The grass is greener. 
The fields are beautiful dotted with sheep.
The Scottish people are friendly. 
The coast is close by no matter where you are. 
The rugged coast is beautiful and breathtaking.
When you turn a bend you usually find something outstanding.

We have both loved it here. We did get a chance to know our nephew and his family better. His youngest son, Scott, is a very talented musician. I knew he sang with a band, but that was about all. He wrote a beautiful song when my mother died. Arlene played it for us and I became so choked up. It was beautiful and meaningful. He is a wonderful young man. It was worth the trip to get to know him better.

Another thing I did while here was to go on Facebook. I still have more to do on it, but you can be one of my friends. It is under Katt Anderson. I expect to have fun with this.

I will not put anything else on until Wednesday. I expect we will go to bed Tuesday when we get in. We covet your prayers for a safe journey.

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