Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Last Week

It's hard to believe that last week, at this time, we were flying through the air. We miss Scotland and long to go back, maybe next summer. I want it warmer when we do.

My Ladies Day is almost finished. I am really cutting it close. I think I can finish up this morning and then start memorizing it. After that, I will get busy on my manuscript. It will be good to start working on it again. I have missed Callie these last few weeks.

A friend of mine in Australia is writing a book and we are chatting back and forth via email. She had lived here for a while and was my mother's nurse. Then she and her husband went back to Australia. I miss her, but we have kept in touch through the last two years. We are discussing our books and publishers. We also cheer each other up, or at least she does me. She has always been one of my favorite people.

I finished a wonderful book yesterday. It is about Australia. The name of it is Enduring Love by Bonnie Leon. Tomorrow I will give you more information about it. I did enjoy it very much. It was exciting, with enough mystery to keep me turning the pages. Good job, Bonnie.

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