Monday, May 11, 2009

Rainy Monday

Rainy Mondays get me down. That song fits today. Everyone tells me that it has rained a lot while we were gone. We did have beautiful sunshine yesterday morning. It made the Lord's Day more wonderful.

Today I have plenty of energy, which I have lacked for a week. After I change the beds and get the dishes in the washer, I am writing. My Ladies Day presentation is almost finished. I'm putting scripture with what I want to say. I hear and read so many good scriptures and I can't use all of them. I'm trying to decide on the ones that meets the subject best. The topic is It's Not About Me. There are a lot of people who come to worship when they feel like it. I think how Christ must have felt hanging on the cross. I am sure He endured more pain than I will ever and he did it for me. That is the only thing that is about me. Christ died for me. It makes it more important when I look at it that way.

Enough preaching. I am now on Facebook. I took the plunge while in Scotland and so far I am enjoying it. It does not take up as much time as I thought it would. I hear from friends regularly and keep up with things. If you want to be my friend, I'm under Katt Anderson, so please contact me.

We are trying to lose part of this weight we gained in Scotland. We have a doctor appointment Wednesday morning. My sister is coming by after a dental appointment that morning and I forgot to tell her I won't be home, so Sis, I'm not going to be there, but Carolyn will. Come on by and we'll go to Golden Burger as we leave and bring home burgers. The best burgers in the world.

This week I have plans to finish my Ladies Day and work on my book. There is a lot of polishing to do before I send it out again. So, besides getting ready for Ladies Day on Saturday and writing, I am going to be busy. This is something I desire to complete, so it is not work. 

I'm off to get some things finished today. I want the suitcases out of the living room. 

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