Friday, May 1, 2009

More of Arran

More pictures of Arran. I have misspelled it before and it is hard to get my fingers going right with the a's and the r's. The picture of Ailse Craig is a bird sanctuary, it shows up in the background of the picture.

There were seals on the rocks at Blackwaterfoot which surprised us. Our room looked out on the town and the sea. It was a beautiful view.

Yesterday we went to see a lady who had visited us about three years ago. It was wonderful to see her. Her caregiver said she got up early because she was so excited we were coming for coffee and biscuits. It was wonderful to get to visit with her again.

Last night Arlene's father and two of her sisters came for dinner. Jon cooked Indian. It was spicy but so good. He made an Apple Crisp which is definitely American. 

Today we are traveling someplace. They know where they are going but we have no idea. It is cloudy and supposed to rain, but we are in Scotland. We expect rain every day. When I woke up the sun was shinning, but not now. It is gray and the wind is blowing.

When we left the B&B, I forgot my jacket. It was water repellent and had a hood. When we went back to Brodick to catch the ferry, I shopped for a coat and we found one on sale. It also has  hood and will come in handy this winter at home. 

Arlene was telling us something about Scotland yesterday and I said, "There's a book." Yes, I do have a wonderful idea for a book between Scotland and America. I will be so glad to get back home so I can write. I am sharing my computer with Jerry, so I don't have it 24/7.

I did read Maggie Brandon's book No Place for a Lady. It is very good and I highly recommend it. Before we left, my daughter handed me Gingham Mountain, by Mary Connealy. I already had it packed for the trip. My husband has read both of the books since we have been here and he loved them both. I am half way through Mary's and am trying to get it finished. Both are excellent books.

We will be leaving soon, so I had better eat breakfast and get ready to go. Have a nice day. We got most of our gifts bought to take back. Went to Walmart's store here, Asda, and Jerry's discount card worked! Hey, Walmart people, they said their discount cards looked like ours.

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