Friday, May 22, 2009

Enduring Love

Enduring Love is a new book to come out soon by Bonnie Leon. This is a third in her Sydney Cove Series and is about Australia. I have not read the other two, but I will. 

Bonnie weaves the story in such a way that you feel the heat burning the hard, dry ground. Your emotions are so enduring to Hannah Bradshaw and you feel her shock, love and kindness. I really don't want to give the story away, but I was almost praying for it to end right. I was in this story completely.

The author is very good in storytelling. A friend in Australia had told me about her books and when a time came that she needed someone to read it, I shot my hand up. I am so glad I did. Bonnie has a new fan. I recommend the book highly.

A little about what I am doing. I have started my second book. I received my Genesis scores and to say the least, they were horrible. I have never made such a low score on anything, ever. I was disappointed, but my friend Tiffany Colter told me to set it aside and go on to the next book. It has worked wonders. She also told me that they were told to be very picky with their scoring, so things that would have normally been overlooked were not. That made me feel better.

My great-nephew in Scotland has a video on You Tube. He plays in a band called Acrylic Iqon. Yes that is the correct spelling. He went over it with me at length while we were there. Scott is the one in the white shirt and necktie. He plays guitar and sings. He is a wonderful young man and I am proud to be his Auntie.


  1. Hey, Katt. Thanks for mentioning my book, Enduring Love. So thrilled to hear your feelings about the story.

    I remember a few contests I entered as a new writer--got some painful critiques. Tiffany's right. Push on. I look forward to reading one of your books.

    Blessings to you,


  2. Thanks Bonnie for your sweet comments. I am still working and by reading other books, I see where I need to improve. Your book helped me so much.