Monday, June 1, 2009

The Inheritance

Over the week-end I finished reading The Inheritance by Tamara Alexander. Tamara has written several books, but this is the first one I have read. I must say, it was wonderful.

I read a lot to learn to write and this one book has shown me a lot that my writing lacks. Tamara is a very interesting storyteller and puts you in the heart of the character. I felt every emotion they felt.

The story begins with McKenna Ashford and her brother, Robert, arriving at Copper Creek to stay with her cousin, her cousin's husband and their daughter until they get settled and earn some money to have a place of their own.

When they arrive at the ranch, Her cousin is dying and her cousin's husband and their newborn baby boy has already died. Their daughter has somehow escaped the illness. Her cousin, On her death bed, Janie gives the ranch to McKenna and ask her to take Emma as her own. Then the story of love, struggles and heartache begin.

Since Copper Creek is such a violent place, the Marshall, Wyatt Caradon brings McKenna to her cousin's house and is with her when Janie dies, but before she dies, she asks to have the baby buried in her arms. Marshall Caradon agrees to do that against McKenna's wishes.

McKenna tries to keep the ranch from foreclosure with her craft of saddle making, but Robert gets into a lot of trouble and Emma won't have anything to do with her. They meet a Chinese couple and I won't tell anymore of the story.

It is a wonderful book. You get into the depth of the character's minds and hearts. Love grows and blossoms and finally blooms. It is rich in that respect.

I will read more of Tamara's books. This one was wonderful. I didn't want to put it down and one night I read until I could not keep my eyes opened. I know everyone of you will enjoy it.

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