Thursday, April 30, 2009

Isle of Aaran

We are back in East Kilbride, but we had a wonderful time on Arran. It was breathtaking or as they say here, "lovely." I don't think I have seen anything as beautiful in the US. The mist on Goatfell made it even better.

The coastal town of Brodick is beautiful and friendly. We ate at Wooley's and had pies which were meat pies. The cheese and onion pie melt in your mouth. We had a meal for 2.5 pounds which included a meat pie, masked potatoes, baked beans (without pork) coffee, and cake. Arlene and I chose the caramel pie for dessert. It was wonderful and all four of us ate for 10 pounds which is cheap.

Brodick Castle was more than I expected with beautiful gardens and woodlands. The flowering trees were amazing. Jerry took over 200 pictures and I can't possibly put them all on the blog. We walked through all these flowering trees and bushes to the Bavarian Summerhouse. It was so nice and quiet and the inside was covered in pine cones. Very different. You could see the ocean from the windows of the summerhouse.

The standing stones in the picture are around a burial ground. They are 4,000 to 3,200 years old. They have found bodies there. That amazed me to see something that old. 

I'll send the rest of the pictures later today if I have time and tell you more about the island. I fell in love with the island. It is so quiet and peaceful. The scenery was breathtaking. You would round a curve and there would be a little village. The mist and clouds on the hills made it more beautiful. The grass is so green and sheep dot the countryside everyplace. Old castles ruins are there\. Everything is just beautiful. We even saw a Druid standing stone. I am impressed with Scotland.

We are resting some today. Arlene's family are coming in tonight for supper. We are having coffee with a lady who visited us in America about three years ago. Can't wait to see her again. Those of you who live close by us will get bored with me talking about it, I'm sure. I will try to not talk to much, but you know me. Have a wonderful day.


  1. I love looking at these pictures. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you Eileen, It is so beautiful.