Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Encouraging News

Yesterday and this morning. I received some good news. The firsts three chapters were critiques by Janice Thompson, author of several books. She had some very good comments about the improvement of my book. She also gave me some suggestions that I will take to heart. One thing I know I will change is the first line. It feels awkward to me and I want a stronger beginning.

This morning, I heard from Tiffany Colter who is editing my book. She also had some encouraging things to say. I will look at her remarks later and see what I can do.

Today I have a full load with the changes from both ladies. Tiffany said my labor pains were getting more intense and I may give birth of a book soon. We all like to feel self-worth and I do feel very good this morning.

We had rough storms last night and there was a tornado sighted somewhere around Bristol. I know I woke up to continual lightening, but I never heard the storm siren, so I went back to sleep. I enjoy living close to town where you can hear the siren when there is a tornado or bad storm. It's still raining.

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