Monday, June 29, 2009

Things Happening Here

The sounds of hammers and saws are booming in my ears this morning. It is good. We are finally getting our closet built. It's just a small one, 12'x12', but needed drastically.

My parents did not have much closet space and each season, my poor mother took her out of season clothes down the stairs to the basement to store them until the next season.

I have a tendency of falling when I go down the stairs. So far I have not been injured badly, but there is always the first time. With that in mind, we decided to build a closet to store all of our clothes. I don't consider myself a clothes hog, but I do have a good closet full. Not only will I have clothes, but a place to iron or steam and a place for my sewing machine. I only have three machines, but I won't have to drag them to the kitchen table to sew anymore.

My daughter and I are going the the archives today to search for more Melungeon relatives. I have some research to do on my next book also. It will be a fun working time together.


  1. Hooray for closet space. 12 X 12 seems big to me.

  2. It is large and my husband has plans for me to set up my 3 sewing machines. I can use it as a sewing room also. It's looking good and will be under roof tonight.