Thursday, June 25, 2009

What Do You Do When You Read a Bad Book?

Sinc money has become tight, publishing houses have become very selective with what they print. They say they are selective, but there are still some books being published that are not that good. At least in my opinion.

I finished one this past week that did not meet my standards. Of course, I don't have very high standards since I have never published. I am a reader and that counts. This one was by a multi-published author. Some time ago I joined a publishers book club. These have come in the mail from that publisher. I would not go out and buy either of these books.

When I have to go back and reread paragraphs, I consider that sloppy writing. I've said before I like tags so my readers will know who is talking. I don't tag every sentence, but enough to keep you from being confused.

The scenes should flow well between each other. You should not jump around from one thing to another. That's the way I like to read and better authors write that way.

It has been hard on me to remember all this, but I am doing better. My scenes flow well between the characters. The chapters are shorter and more interesting.

Since I have not gotten to write any this week, I am praying I will be writing again by Saturday. I miss my characters, even if they are people I have made up. Writing is so interesting.

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