Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Good Things in Life

What are the good things in life to you? Do you count friends, jobs, family, entertainment, or many other things as the best there is?

The best thing in my life is to be a Christian. It must have been horrible for Christ to hang on the cross, but he did it for me and for you that we might obey his commandments and have eternal life. There is a peace to think of the pain and agony Christ went through on the cross. The humiliation of hanging there and people making fun of him was so sad. Before the cross, even Peter rejected him. How devastating that would have been if Christ had He not known he would do that. So the best thing in my life is my love of Christ and the Bible.

Family would come next. My family is scattered around the world. I hold dear my husband of forty-six years and my two living children, plus the one who has gone before. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful immediate family. My husband is one of a kind. I am so thankful that he entered my life.

Our children are the best there is. We never had a moments problem with them. They are good Christians and are raising their families in the way they should. We are blessed that they both married strong Christians. I could not ask for any better than my son-in-law and my daughter-in-law. They are precious to us.

Then those sweet, kind, caring grandchildren. Each one is different and each one has a special love. They can make me feel like I am flying at times. Their love is unconditional, but I love all of them with a deep love. I miss being around them, but when we get together, we try to have fun.

Then there is my sister and her family. My niece and nephews are very dear to me, as is my sister and her husband. It is so nice to be with all of them and with their children.

We all have more good things than we can mention. I left out my husband's family. His brothers and sister are special also, including their children. Then there is our extended family, our children's in-laws. We are close to both sets of in-laws. That is a good feeling.

We have more blessings than we can count. God has been good to all of us and as I reflect on His blessings for me, I am overwhelmed. Remember your blessings as you go about your day.

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