Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Did something every hit you and you thought, "I could do that?" Each time I read a book, it increases my knowledge on writing. When someone has successfully written several books, they have a way of smoothly telling a story. It is so smooth, you seldom realize it. Most multi published authors can do that.

In my book shelves, I have several books instructing you on plot and characters. They are good, but to read words that someone else has written and see the impact they have on me, is how I learn.

Lately, I have read some wonderful books. They have helped me get deeper into my character. Callie has always had a deep soul with me, but if no one knows how she feels and thinks, she is only a paper doll to them. I am finally learning, after all this time, to put life in Callie so the reader will feel like I feel. She is so alive to me that I talk to her at times. No, I'm not crazy, but your characters do become very real to you.

If Callie is that real to me, why is it so hard to make it real to you? It goes very deep into my background. The way we were raised has a lot of bearing on our writing. It is very hard to show things when you were told as a child you did not do that. I'm changing my whole attitude on some things and trying to be more open in my writing and with myself and family.

I may not be writing every day. My dentist has been watching a tooth that has given me trouble for the past year. The roots are too small for a root canal, so we waited until it started bothering me before we decided what to do. Over the week-end, when I was co-hosting a bridal shower, it started hurting. I had kept a Z-Pack with me for almost a year, so I started on the antibiotics. They did not work. Now, I am on another antibiotic and strong pain meds. I have a few more minutes before the pain meds begin to work and then I will be out cold. I go to the oral surgeon on the 9th.

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