Monday, April 27, 2009

A Busy Day

I'm writing this tonight because we will be leaving early in the morning for Aaron. Aaron is a small island on the west side of Scotland and below Glasgow. We have to take a ferry ride to the island. We have rooms in a Bed & Breakfast there and I am looking forward to seeing the island. 

I first read about the island in a book by Liz Curtis Higgs called Grace in Thine Own Eyes. The way she described the island was breathtaking and I wanted to see it. Jon and Arlene had never been there so it is an adventure for all of us. There is a mountain called Goatfell, but we are not going to walk it. We will stay on lower land and with all our bones connected correctly.

This has been a rainy day but a nice one. We went into Glasgow and saw the oldest house in Glasgow and the Cathedral. They were all very nice. St. Mungo is buried in the cathredal. The building was started in the 1400's and we saw a grave marker of a person died in the 1300's. This is what excites me so much. We have nothing that old in the US.

This is such a peaceful place to be. I have relaxed in a way that I never thought I would. It is wonderful to spend time with Jon, Arlene and Scott. I can't believe Scott is so grown up. I think we have a wonderful family.

I probably won't write tomorrow, but I will try to get back writing when we get home Wednesday.

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