Tuesday, April 14, 2009

One Week to Go

Think about it, in one week we will be boarding the plane for Scotland! I'm packing now. I hope I don't have to take some things out, but if I have to I will. 

I bought those bags you suck the air out. I have two flat bags now and I may have to buy some more. The smaller amount you put in them, the flatter they go. 

Yesterday I didn't get to do much, but cook and clean house. Today I am going to polish my book, or at least start. I need to send the last chapters to the editor and then start polishing what she has sent to me. This is very exciting.

My emotions are the worse things I deal with in writing. I think I have conquered most of the ghosts, like -ing words and using that so much. I tend to keep my personal emotions close to my heart. I guess I am afraid of being hurt. Also, in the time I was raised, we were not to let emotions show. This is hard for me, but I will conquer it.

Have a good day. The dogwoods are starting to get white. The view from my kitchen window in beautiful.

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