Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Moving Rapidly

Everything is moving swiftly now.We'll go to my daughter's on Sunday after church. We plan to rest on Monday and fly out on Tuesday. Seems like there are still so many things to get done. Part of my packing is finished, but I am still waiting for my husband to get his clothes together. I am pretty well packed except things that are in the washier or waiting to be washed. I should have everything completed by Saturday.

So many people have advised me to take a hiatus from my book and just enjoy the two weeks in Scotland. I do have some critique work to do for one of my critique partners, but I plan to do most of it on the plane. Other than that, I plan to add to the blog with pictures as often as I can.

Lately I have been thinking of my next book. It is beginning to take shape in my mind. I have an outline, but I think I will change the beginning a little. I was talking to another writer yesterday and she said she still had ideas going in her mind. She had been writing under her own name and received some threats on herself and her family. I didn't know people would get that vicious. That made me glad I had selected to write under a pen name.

I have about four more pages to complete on my book before I send it to Tiffany Colter to edit for me. I need to get that completed today. On my To Do list! That's just one of many on my To Do list. Enjoy this beautiful spring. Our tulips are beautiful and if you could see the view from my kitchen window you would be amazed at the beauty. I have tried to enjoy each minute of it.

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