Monday, April 27, 2009

Pictures of Scotland

Good Morning! It is raining again here in East Kilbride. Yesterday there was only a little mist that fell and it was a nice windy day.

Saturday we visited Robert Burns Birthplace in Alloway. For me, it was wonderful because I was almost in the time period I write in. The fireplace was interesting and I gained some knowledge of how things were done in the mid to late 18th century. I have enclosed a picture of the house.

We also saw a film of his poem Tam O' Shanter, which I enjoyed very much. I have enclosed a picture of the Old Kirk where Tam saw the devil and the witches dancing. Then there is the Brig O' Doon (Bridge over the River Doon) where Tam ran from the witch Meg and all she got was "the horses beard." 

Tomorrow we are going to the island Aaron and spend the night. There is a lighthouse, standing stones, a castle and much more. We are supposed to have nice weather. Today we will do indoor things. 

The rolling hills are beautiful with sheep spotting the countryside. The fences have hedges in them, which I found different and beautiful.

Yesterday we worshiped with East Kilbride Church of Christ. It is so wonderful to worship with fellow members. We all walked to church, which I had not done since I was a little girl. It was refreshing. Jon preached Sunday morning and we had the honor of hearing him. 

Today we are going to a museum in Glasgow. Everyone have a wonderful day.

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