Thursday, April 23, 2009

Finally Luggage

Yesterday, I was very brief about our trip. I may not have time to write much this morning, but I will try.

When we arrived at Nashville airport, they re-routed us to Charlotte then to Gatwick in London and then on to Glasgow. The ticket agent did not tell us when the planes landed, so we took what she said in good faith.

The flight to Charlotte was fine. We landed at Gatwick and it became a mess. Everyone told us a different way to go. One man told us to walk to the North Terminal, which is impossible. We would still be walking. Instead we became intelligent travelers and took the shuttle. We were searching for the gate when we heard our names on the intercom. Not good, the plane was ready to leave without us. We caught it by the hair of our chinny chin chin. Flew to Glasgow and our luggage stayed in Gatwick

Finally we found my nephew. While we slept, they delivered our luggage. 

We were exhausted but after a good night sleep, we are up and about today.

I must run, I speak at the Ladies Class today. Have a good day and I will write more later.

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