Friday, April 17, 2009

A Little Rest Today

This is not going to be a rushed day. I am having lunch with a dear friend, one I need to have more contact with. Her husband passed away in September and we go shopping together occasionally, but not enough. We decided to eat Chinese today and I am looking forward to a time to talk and enjoy each other.

This week I have only worked on my Ladies Day presentation. It is coming around nicely. Our preacher's wife is speaking also and she called yesterday to tell me about her part of it. It is funny but we are talking on the same subject, but going at it differently. I have based mine on Psalm 119. David had so much love for God and wanted so to do what was right. I look at that chapter and see how much faith he had. I keep five verses taped above my computer. It is easy to read them each day. They are verses that encourage me. 

My proposal has been gone three weeks and I have not heard anything yet. I am told that is not unusual. It is hard to sit and wait. That is one reason why I am pleased this all coordinated like it did. I will not be worrying about it for two weeks.

The To Do List is getting longer each day. I think of something else I need to add to it. If I don't write it down, I will forget it. Let me give you a hint about packing for a long trip. Get the bags that you squeeze the air out of when filled with clothes. I am getting so much more packed in two suitcases. They are not big suitcases either. I have one more bag to fill and I will be through, but I still have more room on top of the bags. This is great!