Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Looking Back On Yesterday

Yesterday was a pretty profitable day for me. 

My goals were to work more on my manuscript and I have almost completed correcting and taking away. I will be at 72,000 words by tomorrow. Then I start more correcting to polish it for an acquisition agent, I hope. This is something I have hoped and prayed for. 

I also cleaned my bathroom well. Mopped, scrubbed, all the good stuff. I feel success when I do that. This afternoon I will tackle my bedroom. When my husband sleeps tomorrow, I will have that room finished.

We had snow last night, not much, just a little. It is cold and not supposed to warm up too much. This is April in East Tennessee. I am looking forward to warmer days. I also check each day to see what the weather is like in Glasgow, Scotland. It is 48 degrees today and rain. It feels like 42 degrees. I'm taking winter clothes.

We are going to eat breakfast at I-Hop this morning. I love to eat there. The stuffed French Toast is the best. Of all days for my sugar to be up. I had hoped it would be down enough for me to eat the good stuff. We will see when I get there. Have a beautiful day!

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