Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Another Day of Editing

This is a wonderful day here, but not for some people in other parts of the country. My son and his family are one of those stuck in the ice with no electricity or phone service. I'm doing a  lot of praying as any mother would. I did talk to him last night and they are warm so far, but the temperature dropped to 22 degrees this morning. I've been watching the Weather Chanel to get the latest updates on Paducah, Kentucky. I also have relatives in southern Indiana and they are iced in as well. 

It is raining here and was 58 degrees. That is such a difference from other areas. We will get the cold later today. I have food and a warm house, so I'm not worried.

Today I will be working on more of my novel. I find editing very slow work. Just like everything else, it has to be done. It is so amazing how you can change words to make the thoughts better. When I see the finished product, or finished so far, I am pleased and excited that I have come this far.

I have a wedding to put in the last of the book and I know in that era the bride did not wear white. She most likely dressed as she would going to church. I've found some dresses they would have worn and I have a good idea what my bride will wear. In the frontier, it is completely different. The wedding would have been much more simpler than in a city or town. When you are several miles from civilization, you learn to make do. Food would have been turkey, venison or pheasant. That sounds rich for us today, but there was and still is an abundance of those animals and birds in the area. 

I like the idea of a chivalry. The wedding guests would have followed the couple home and then amused themselves outside their house with songs, beating on wash pans, and a lot of loud noises. When the newly weds brought food out to them, they would eat and leave them alone. From what my father told me, it was more fun for the guests than the couple inside of the house. 

I'm getting ahead of myself by talking about that, but it was a part of the frontier. It is interesting to read about things they did to amuse themselves.

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