Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Another Good Day to Write

It's raining and we do need it. Rainy days are good days for me to write or read. Since I am re-writing my edit, I need to write. It is slow going. 

Yesterday I rewrote the ending of my first chapter. I didn't like it all along, but no one had ever pointed it out to me except the person that is editing my novel. I think I made it stronger and more mature. It's the first time the heroine sees her true love. That should be special shouldn't it? That is what I tried to make it be. 

Can you imagine seeing your true love for the first time and you had been on the trail for six weeks? From what I have read, they did stop and take baths and wash clothes during their trek to the frontier. If they didn't they would be a smelly mess. I can't imagine what it would have been like if the first time I saw my husband I had not had a bath in weeks. Learning about how they lived has made me appreciate my warm shower in the mornings and my washing machine.

We are a pampered bunch. We whine about things now that we should be thankful we have. I appreciate my top of the line stove. I can cook fast with a stove top that cools down quickly. I also have a convection oven that I love, plus a warming oven. You can't beat that. I don't think I could cook very long in a fireplace. My food would probably be burned or half cooked.

Soon after I married, we stayed with my husband's grandfather while his parents took a little trip. My mother-in-law cooked on a wood stove and I had never been around one, so it was an experience. I remember Granddaddy Bob saying, "I always did like my biscuits white on top." That was good because they never did brown. My first and last time cooking on a wood stove.

Well, I need to start chapter two and get it finished today. I hope there are not so many red comments, but I'm afraid there probably are. I am improving so much with my writing. It is a wonderful experience and I love it.

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