Friday, January 9, 2009

Making Progress

Last night I did make some progress with my desk. My left side is cleaned off and now I have the right side to do. I'm afraid I got side-tracked with phone calls.

My novel is also making progress. Today I plan to go through several chapters and make them more readable. I forget to let everyone feel the characters as I do. They remain like paper dolls most of the time. I am trying to breathe air into them and make them come alive. It is so strange being a writer and you can let someone live or die. Right now everyone is living, but who knows how long their life will be.

My husband says all I do is re-do my novel. I think he is getting discouraged and thinks it will never be published. I'm praying there will be a contract in the next twelve months.

The people in Eastern Tennessee are so interesting to write about. The older people had/have an entire language of their own. My mind is going back to my childhood and some of the words and phrases I have heard. I remember one word "plackon" which means "play like." I have no idea where it started from, but it is interesting. Then a bag or sack was a "poke" and a soda pop was a "dope." Today we would never say, "Let's go to the store and get a dope." It has a completely different meaning. This is what makes writing interesting for me.

I'm putting some blogs on my blog site. These are the one's I follow. My daughter's is a scrapbooking blog. She is very good at it. She doesn't realize it, but she is writing.

Have a wonderful day.


  1. Thanks for your post on attacking clutter.
    Unfortunately, or fortunately I can write with clutter all around me. But there comes a tipping point, like when it tips onto the floor. I have planned for two weeks to clear up the clutter on my two desks but can't seem to get around to it. Today will be the day. Now on to the attack--right now--here I come, clutter--what is this? I been meaning to read this book...well, just for a couple of minutes, then I'll get back on task of clutter attack.......