Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What Is a Writer?

This morning I started to write my blog since my husband was painting in the basement. We have a huge basement filled with my mother's things. We are trying to clean up and make a large family room. Anyway, he was painting and I was on the computer. He dropped something connected to his computer and mixed some cords around and I had no computer upstairs. The wireless was dead. I tried not to lose my cool, but I'm afraid I did. That is one thing a writer or anyone else should not do. So here goes how I feel about writing.

A writer should be flexible with disappointments and with compliments. I can take the disappointments and learn from them, but compliments are something else. I don't want to seem proud and say, "I knew I could do that." Instead I feel I should be humble, but then when someone pays you a compliment about your writing, how humble do you go? I have been writing for three years and I feel I have made a lot of progress. I've been told that I am doing a good job and making a lot of progress. I am trying and it is paying off.

A writer should have an open mind about writing. Writing changes each day or year. Things we were doing five years ago are not done today. Life changes, our jobs changes, our families change, so there are changes in writing. Be able to adapt to those changes and look at things positive. 

Writing is a constant learning curve. I sure don't know anything much about writing. Those who have wrote for years know so much more than I do. That is why I network with those people. They can teach me so much. I read a lot of books on writing and people. I am reading a book on body language by Tonya Reiman now. That book is helping me with my characters. When I want one to be shifty, I know they won't look anyone in the eye. Why do they look at their feet? They are guilty of something, shy or don't want to give you an answer. There is so much to learn. I'm also reading Donald Maas, The Breakout Novel. There is so much to do and learn.

Writing is for enjoyment. If I want someone to enjoy my novel, I have to love it also. If my characters are to be liked, I have to like them when I write them. I feel I have to enjoy what I do. I've worked jobs where I hated to go into work, but I had to for money. Now that I am retired, I can enjoy my work and I can sit in my pajamas and work all I want to.

A writer has to find time for play. Playing is very important in life. Whether you go for a walk, scrapbook or play a game with children, playing relaxes your body and mind. When I exercise, I relax and have fun. Yes, it can be fun. Then when I am through, I go back to writing and my mind is fresher.

All of that said, I need to exercise and then work. Have a good afternoon and evening.

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