Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy  New Year to everyone! We did stay up until midnight, but because we had finger foods at church last night. I'm not much of a midnight person.

2009 looks promising for me. I will be making my characters stronger and submit my book to other agents and publishers. Discouragement is good for the soul. It also makes you work hard to have a perfect manuscript.

There will be more interviews on the blog with people I love. Isn't the word "love" wonderful. We all have feelings toward people, either love or hate. During the past year, I have made so many friends in the writing world and I have learned to love them. We are much happier when we love people. Our books are easier to write.

What do I look for in the new year? I am going to be pushing for a contract and I will join the many who are going to lose weight. Mine is not just a saying, it is a have-to. My diabetes is going higher, except for this morning, and I know I need to exercise and eat smarter. My husband and I gave each other a Wii for Christmas. I now have a Wii Fit. It is great. I exercise each day. This will help my weight and my blood sugar.

I am anxious to start back writing on my book. We have been gone several days and now we have company, so it has been hard to write. I decided to take a breather until after our company leaves.

I wish all of you a Happy New Year. May the best happen to you. 

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