Friday, January 16, 2009

The Red Siren

Last night around midnight, I finished The Red Siren, by M.L. Tyndall. I knew I could not go to bed until I finished it. I never even thought of reading the last page, but that ruins the story when you do that.

A couple of years ago I read the first of Mary Lu's books, The Redemption. I never in my wildest dreams ever imagine I would love pirate stories so much. 

Several years ago I worked for a company that rewarded us with paid trips. One of these trips was to Barbados. I did not even know where the island was, much less know anything about it. We stayed at a resort called Sam Lord Castle. I had no idea what it was, except I had seen a picture of the castle. 

The first thing I remember was the heat. At midnight, it was smothering and that was the cool part of the day. For some reason, I went to the castle, I think just to see it. One of the employees took my friends and I through part of the castle and told us the story of the pirate, Sam Lord. I was hooked a little on pirate stories, but it was just history to me.

Later we went to Okracoke Island and there you hear more pirate stories. I was more interested in the lighthouses than the pirates, but it made chills run down my spine hearing about them.

The Red Siren is about a lady pirate, Fath Westcott. She was not a blood thirsty pirate and never killed anyone, just took their merchandise. She states in one place that she is like a Robin Hood. She is so angry with God and I got so frustrated with her that I wanted to shake her several times and tell her to wake up. 

Then there is Dajon Waite, who falls in love with her, but he is there to capture pirates, especially the Red Siren. How interesting! The twists and turns are so exciting. I cannot say that I never put the book down. I did several times. I would become so furious with Faith that I could not read for a while. When I cooled off, I would go back to it. Maybe that is why my blood pressure has risen lately.

I do highly recommend this book. This history of Charles Towne is interesting. Mary Lu, you did a fantastic job with this book. The next in the series will be out this fall. Can't wait.

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