Thursday, January 15, 2009

Getting Behind

It is so easy to get behind in anything. I find if I don't write in the mornings, I don't write at all. I am a morning person. By afternoon, I am not interested in completing any job. That was until yesterday.

Yesterday was an early morning appointment with the doctor. That threw everything behind. My check-up went well, but it didn't help the rest of my day. My day went haywire from there on.

I teach a teen-age girls class on Wednesday nights. The lessons are very good and the girls are very interested, but I could not get motivated at all. I hate doing that. I tried to study more, but I kept going to sleep. Finally, I slept and after that I could get the studying completed. We had a good class.

After church, I had work to do on my WIP. I think it was 11:30 p.m. when I became so tired I had to stop. The words were blurring together and the eye drops did not help at all. So, it was not the dry eyes, just the tired eyes. 

Now, I have to pull double time today to do get my goals completed. That's all right because I know I can do it. It does take time to write. I do set goals for myself to complete so much each day. 

Today, I have a lot to do. I want to re-submit my proposal to several more agents and publishers as soon as I can. This is one thing that is important to me. I know it will take a while to get everything finished, but I am sure I can do it.

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