Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Life is a journey

After several weeks in the hospital several years ago, I felt my life had come all the way around. I realized how fragile life is and how much there is to enjoy. My youngest grandson was due to be born in a couple of months after I was admitted. I wanted so much to see him. I fought to live and I survived. 

Today I think about how much there is to enjoy each day. I don't understand how anyone can be on the negative side of things all the time. I see God's wonder each time I open my eyes in the morning and I thank Him for giving me life. You only realize how much you enjoy something after you have almost lost it.

My journey has been hard at times and sometimes so easy. When I started writing, I thought it would be easy. Let me tell you a secret. It is not! It is easy if you enjoy it and sometimes you make big mistakes and realize how hard it is. Isn't that the way with life?

I enjoy a clean house, but I hate to clean it. If I didn't clean it, it would never be clean. It's mostly never clean, but it is enjoyable. 

I look at writing the same way. A finished product is wonderful, but it did take time and energy to get there. Nothing falls in your lap. You have to work for it. Writing is a learning process. I learn each day something I can do better. If I never sat down at the computer to write, I would never know how.

Most people are like me. You have to do something and learn from your mistakes. Along the way so far, I have had several good teachers and I am so proud of them for showing me things I can do better. 

My thought for today is to experience life and live it. See something good in everything. Watch the rain, smile at the sun and laugh when the wind blows.

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