Monday, January 26, 2009

Writers Groups

For several years, I have been a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers. It is an organization that encourages and supports Christian authors and writers. I don't think I could write and not be a part of this group. Their support and information cannot be explained in mere words. They are our support group, our information channel, our shoulder to cry on and anything you can think about.

Soon after I joined this group, I started looking for groups in my area. There were no Christian groups and since my mind does not know the words that secular writers use, I didn't think I wanted to be exposed to those words. I am much happier in a Christian setting. I don't want my mind cluttered with language I can't use at church and in front of my family.

Since there was no one in my area, I put out the word on one of our loops to see if there was anyone in this area. There was and we started our own group. So far most of our members are members of the ACFW, but since we are in the planning stage, we are not that picky.

We had a very interesting meeting Saturday, and we are making plans for more meetings to come. It is exciting to be a part of something where we all have the same goals, to write clean, decent literature. These ladies are an encouragement to me. They are young and full of energy. They have a glow in their eyes when they talk about what they are writing. It's almost like them telling about their first love. To watch them is very exciting and rejuvenating. It was a very exciting day.

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